MCA Alumni Network

From its founding in 2004 to today, over 130 customs practitioners have graduated from the MCA programme. Our alumni hold senior positions in customs administrations or international companies and are also active in international organisations.

In today’s rapidly-changing business environment, customs practitioners are confronted with new challenges on a daily basis. The MCA Alumni Group can contribute to the search for solutions by virtue of their combined experience in surmounting Customs-related problems, devloping management strategies and forecasting future Customs developments.

The activities of the Alumni Group take place on its related Linked-In page, which offers the following functions:

  • News and events: Information on current developments and upcoming events
  • Alumni Directory: A list of alumni, current position and areas of interest (optional)
  • Forum: Where you can exchange views and experiences from daily practice
  • Jobs vacancies: Carpe diem!
  • Resources: Links to information sources.

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MCA Alumni Group Mission Statement

To provide a forum for the exchange of views, experiences and strategies relating to Customs with the aim of contributing to practical and cost-effective solutions to pressing challenges. Thereby, the Group recognises the importance of education and training as well as Compliance and Integrity.

Delphine Neveux

MCA Alumni President

“Global trade is all about people. The people you learn from, the network of people you meet, study and work with. This MCA Alumni Group is a safe environment of like-minded peers with long experience in trade and Customs Compliance who want to connect, freely ask questions, benchmark, share insightful information and/or job posts. It gathers its members around think tanks devoted to Customs issues. It offers a great opportunity to share and keep developing our customs skills that have become strategic both for companies and administrations. We are stronger together, so let’s network!”

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