In order to apply for the MCA you must:

  • Have a four year university degree related to law, customs or international trade with 240 credits according to the European Credit Transfer System. Those applicants with fewer than 240 credit points might be able to acquire the remaining points by showing sufficient work experience.
  • Have least one year work experience in customs and trade


  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Recommended level of English:
    TOEFL: minimum score:
        - paper-based 575
        - computer-based 233
        - internet-based 88
     IELTS: minimum score: 6.5
     APIEL: 4


  • The course fee for the MCA programme at Münster University is 19,800 euros. The fee is the same for participants from both EU and non-EU countries. It includes the costs of tuition, course reading materials and the e-learning modules.
  • The course fee can be paid in a maximum of three instalments of 6,600 euros each. Each instalment is payable at the beginning of each seminar phase in Münster (i.e. the first instalment is due on the 31st of January; the second on the 31st of July and the third instalment on the 31st of January of the following year).
  • Should you wish to pay the course fees in a single instalment before the course begins, we will grant you a discount of 5 percent of the total price (= 18,810 euros) if payment is made prior to the 30th of October. In this case, the total fee would be 18,810 euros.
  • Please note that the costs of maintenance and accommodation are not included in the course fees.
  • The MCA is a part-time, blended learning course. As such it does not qualify for grants from the DAAD. Please consult point 8 in the following FAQ for more information