The MCA in Customs, Taxation and International Trade Law is offered by the WWU Münster in cooperation with the AWA Foreign Trade Academy GmbH.


The MCA programme is a part-time course, designed for customs practitioners. It lasts 18 months and is divided into self-study and monthly taught classes (also available online). It awards 60 credit points under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).



Target Group

The course is open to customs practitioners from the private and public sectors of the European Community and neighbouring countries. The target group includes:

  • employees of commercial companies
  • customs brokers
  • customs officials
  • civil servants (financial and business ministries)
  • regional and international organizations


  • Lectures and seminars
  • Self-study
  • Transfer project
  • Master thesis


Months 1 - 12

  • A one-week introductory seminar
  • Monthly classes (Thursday - Saturday)
  • A one-week concluding seminar
  • A transfer project

Months 13 - 18

  • Master's thesis
  • Transfer project report



Students must be able to follow lectures, participate in class discussions and complete written assignments.


In order to successfully complete the MCA course, participants must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Module examinations
    Pass a test at the end of each module of approx. 180 minutes duration
    (Online participants sit the exams at an approved institution in their vicinity).
  2. Transfer project
    Develop a work-place project and submit a written explanatory report.
  3. Master’s Thesis
    Complete a thesis dealing with a subject of practical importance.


EUR 19,800

This applies to participants from both EU and non EU countries. It covers the costs of tuition and course materials only.

Admission requirements

Academic qualifications

A four year university degree (240 ECTS points)

Applicants with a three-year university degree can also apply provided they have at least 5 years relevant professional experience.

Practical experience

Evidence of at least one year work experience in the field of customs and/or trade.

Language proficiency

Applicants from countries where English is not an official language must submit:

  • either a certificate of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum of:

    • 88 points for the internet test
    • 233 points for the computer test or
    • 575 points for the written test

  • or otherwise prove an equivalent level of proficiency.


Master of Customs Administration (MCA)


The course is currently undergoing re-accreditation to reflect changes to its content and structure.

The MCA complies with the PICARD Standards of the World Customs Organisation.