Module 5: Customs Compliance and Export Controls


This module examines the meaning of compliance and related concepts (ethics and integrity, ESG) as well as CMS and procedures for protecting whistleblowers. The second part compares customs control regimes in the EU, China and the USA and strategies to ensure compliance.  


Customs Compliance

  • Compliance risk-management system as a fundamental instrument for compliance, communication methods and structural measures
  • Whistleblowing in companies  
  • Methods for integrating CMS in the operative processes and embedding CMS in the existing corporate environment
  • Regulatory update

Compliance with Export Controls

  • Anti-proliferation frameworks and implementation    
  • Comparison of export control regimes: EU, China and the USA
  • Compliance strategies 

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the value of compliance, a holistic view and the "tone from the top"
  • Perform basic compliance risk assessment, recognise and manage compliance risks effectively
  • Gain an overview of anti-proliferation conventions and compare major export control regimes 
  • Develop strategies to avoid infringements as well as actions to take in case of infringements.