Legal Education "Made in Germany"!

Münster University boasts one of the largest law faculties in Germany, with over 6,000 students. Each year, more than 600 complete their legal studies by sitting the First State Exam and achieve, on average, good or very good results. The Law Faculty is consistently ranked among the best in Germany for the quality of its research and teaching. The emphasis that the Faculty places on co-operation between academia and practice has been instrumental in its success. Experienced lawyers, judges, civil servants and business people are regularly invited to hold lectures and seminars. Faculty members also sit as part-time judges and use this experience in seminars and training courses (e.g. in tax law).

The Law Faculty consists of 17 institutes and chairs and employs 30 professors. The central course of studies is “legal science”, which culminates in the first state examination. Graduates can then go on and study for a doctorate in law. Since 2005, the Faculty has also offered interdisciplinary LLB courses. It is a long-standing tradition at the Faculty to encourage a highly diverse programme of teaching and research that covers a wide range of socially relevant and innovative subjects. In addition, it is progressively implementing the University’s policy of making research and teaching more international in outlook and has accredited its courses in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

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