16.09.2016 // 11:19

MCA: Successful Introductory Week

Students get to know the master degree course

From France, China, Nigeria and different parts of Germany came the students of this year’s master  degree course “MCA in Customs, Taxation and International Trade Law” to attend the introductory seminar that included a detailed overview of the curriculum and some concrete course content of the MCA course, which is offered by Muenster University (WWU) and the AWA AUSSENWIRTSCHAFTS-AKADEMIE GmbH. The seminar took place in Muenster and the students had the opportunity to meet the Academic Director Prof. Dr. Hans-Michael Wolffgang and the Head of Studies Dr. Christopher  Dallimore. Renowned academics from Switzerland, Britain and Belgium and Germany gave students the first impressions of the course.

First impressions:

“I am currently employed in the field of customs and international trade. I hope that the Master’s degree will give me insights into all customs, tax and international trade law instruments used around the world,” says Joëlle Friedmann from France. Fannie Cheng from China wants to use the MCA to better her Customs know-how: “Europe is an important trade partner for China. And so, it is obvious that one needs to deepen one’s knowledge about European Customs if one wants to prosper in this field”.

“I find it very interesting to get acquainted with my friends and the study program. It is a relaxed atmosphere – I like it.” Sarah Jourieh was born in Syria and is currently working as Customs Classification Specialist with a telecommunication company in Munich. She intends to deepen her knowledge about Customs through the MCA degree course. According to her, “export control and Customs are much interconnected. And one should have knowledge in both fields.”

Maximum flexibility through “Blended Learning”
In this year’s intake the MCA has been enriched by “Blended Learning”, that is a combination of  face-to-face and distance learning. The students can choose between three learning alternatives. Dr. Dallimore: “Students can following the seminars online from their workplace or face-to-face in the classroom. This ensures a flexible delivery model that caters to students who cannot always travel to attend seminars in person.”

    Age: 158 days