Module 5: Global Customs Compliance


Compliance Management Systems (CMS) offer an effective tool for managing compliance risks in foreign trade. The module first deals with the creation and practical implementation of corporate Compliance Management Systems, thereby explaining the aims and functions of CMS. It then deals with the various compliance models, discussing the possibilities of implementing CMS in terms of structure and processes. On this basis, the module discusses compliance methods that have proved especially effective from a practical point of view.


  • Compliance risk-management system as a fundamental instrument for compliance, communication methods and structural measures
  • Methods for integrating CMS in the operative processes and embedding CMS in the existing corporate environment
  • Documentation, audit, controls, certification of CMS and the associated advantages and disadvantages

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic function, aims and methods of a CMS
  • Perform basic compliance risk assessment
  • direct CSM towards the risks of foreign trade and to recognise and manage compliance risks effectively
  • tailor individual compliance measures to the needs of companies
  • create, implement and further develop CMS specifically in terms of the risk presented by foreign trade