Māris Jurušs

Professor Māris Jurušs started his academic career at the Faculty of Mechanics at Riga Technical University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Mechanics. He then studied economics in Riga and completed his university education with a doctorate at the Riga Technical University Faculty of Economics. Prof. Jurušs has written a large number of publications, the most recent being “Criteria for Defining of Tax Evasion as Tax Terrorism, Proceeding of Scientific Conference on Economics and Entrepreneurship (SCEE’2016)”.

Currently, Prof. Jurušs is the Senior Expert of the Ministry of Economics in Riga. Before this, he worked as Assistant Professor at Riga Technical University. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in customs and international trade.

Besides his native Latvian, Prof. Jurušs speaks fluent in English and Russian.