Dr. Nathalie Harksen

Dr. Nathalie Harksen graduated in law at the University of Münster, Germany and completed her Masters degree at the University of Lyon, France. She wrote her doctorate in taxation law at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Hans-Michael Wolffgang. A qualified German lawyer (RA), Dr. Harksen specializes in the customs and taxation implications of cross-border transactions. She advises multinational companies on customs and foreign trade law, with particular emphasis on VAT, excise taxes and Incoterms. In 2010, she and Prof. Dr. H-M. Wolffgang founded the AWB Legal Consultancy, thereby providing a further platform for assisting multinationals in their cross-border activities. Dr. Harksen has published widely on customs and taxation issues and is an experienced trainer for the AWB Foreign Trade Academy. She holds seminars throughout Germany for the management staff of major German exporters. A native German speaker, Dr. Harksen is fluent in English and French.